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Just feeling random today XD lol
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More free 'stuff' coming soon ;)

New Prints added!

:shop827194:Coccinella by xluluhimex



GO AND BUY NOW!!! :XD: pleeeeeeeeaaasssseeeeeee :aww:

-Amy- :heart:

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Hello fellow deviants :wave: I'm still here, hehe. I haven't updated with anything substantial recently as I've been trying to make the most of the british summer. As any british person will know, it doesn't last long! :doh: I have a couple of vector pieces lying around on my computer which I might decide to finish at one point. Hopefully I'll start updating my page again soon :) I hope everyone's enjoying their summer [or whatever season it is where you are ;)] :heart:

Amy x

So I won MindFlesh's contest to be her 10,000th pageviewer and recieved a 3 month sub to DA and a hawaiian goodies package [which I got this morning] :aww: It's probably the best thing I've got through the letterbox in ages :XD: She really is so kind and generous, and is always running new contests for more deviants to win things. Please go and check out her page, the images she captures are's worth a look, I promise ;)

South Shore Surf by MindFlesh  Elemental Spirits Surf Pipe by MindFlesh  Sunset Series 1 by MindFlesh

Here's another chance to win a 3 month sub to deviantart. This time, just be my 5,000th pageviewer, screencap the page, upload it to your scraps section and link me via a note. I know it's a way to go, but I'll get there! :aww:

[If by chance, 2 or more people capture the winning page, I will give the sub to the first person to upload it and send me the link via a da note ;)]

I've gotten quite a few requests recently from people, and rather than keep typing out the same thing to everyone, I thought I'd say it here for all to see ;) I am open to requests although I do charge for them :P It's not a huge amount, but bare in mind that  the vectors do take awhile to complete. I charge per image vectored and the amount depends on the level of detail required. I'll give you and idea of prices using examples from my gallery...

The Dro -vectorized- by xluluhimex An image with few layers and simple detail would take me anywhere from 1-2 hours to complete. For this, I would charge in the region of £5 - £8 ($10 - $15) :)

Daniel Radcliffe -vectorized- by xluluhimex An image like this, with loads of layers and lots of detail can take me anywhere from 4 - 8 hours to complete. Something like this would cost between £10 - £20 ($18 - $37)

Send images to: with the level of detail required and I will give you a more precise cost :D I can also combine images (e.g. group a number of seperate image togther into 1 portrait). :)

Kate Beckinsale -vectorized-v2 by xluluhimex-Daydream in Blue- by xluluhimex
Kate Beckinsale -vectorized- by xluluhimexJohnny Depp -vectorized- by xluluhimex
-Mischief- by xluluhimex

GO AND BUY NOW!!! :XD: pleeeeeeeeaaasssseeeeeee :aww:

-Amy- :heart:

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...and there we have it! 500 pageviews :D I almost feel slightly accomplished in a way :p As soon as I start getting a decent amount of traffic through my page, I'm going to start featuring people on here and giving away free stuff!! [because I feel like it] :aww:
Oh, and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has commented, faved, featured and watched recently!! I :heart: you guys

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